What Vestwellers are Saying

It’s important for us to continue delighting our partners and living up to our promise of being easier, customizable, and transparent. So we asked Vestwell users how we’re doing.

Here’s what they had to say…

Advisors are happy!

81% are happy with their Vestwell experience


  • 87% enjoy our proposal generator
  • 83% like our investment flexibility
  • 81% are happy with our onboarding process
Plan Sponsors ARE HAPPY too!

100% of those who converted are happy they made the switch!


  • 81% are clear on what they’re paying for
  • 79% believe we’ve reduced their administrative burden
  • 89% feel more secure knowing we take on the fiduciary role
THe result:

83% of advisors believe Vestwell make it easier for them to scale their retirement business.

next up:

And we’re only getting better.

90% of advisors believe we’re continually making enhancements that represent their needs.


To learn more about making the move to Vestwell, visit www.vestwell.com.

*Based on over 400 responses from a 2018 survey of Vestwell clients and contacts