Robo Services Focus on Plan Marketplace

Aaron was recently interviewed for an article on

Aaron Schumm, CEO of New York City-based Vestwell, believes retirement plans are an underserved market from a fintech perspective. He describes his company’s mission as “breaking down the friction points” that can develop in advisors’ work with plan sponsors. Those friction points include legal liabilities, costs and the cumbersome nature of designing and monitoring a plan, he says.

Besides working with 401(K)s and 403(b)s, advisors using Vestwell’s platform can propose, implement and manage custom cash balance plans and custom profit-sharing. Plan proposals start with advisors inputting details they’ve received from the plan sponsor, including the plan adoption agreement, employee census and other information from the sponsor’s Form 5500. The goal is to “design a plan that ensures all protected plan provisions are covered on their behalf, and will incorporate the services that will either meet or exceed what’s being offered today,” Schumm explains. The proposal includes a side-by-side comparison of the current and proposed plans; advisors can send the proposal through Vestwell’s platform and use online conferencing to discuss it. Vestwell’s target market is small- to medium-sized plans, says Schumm, although that audience could expand to the $25 million-plus plan size market as the firm adds features and functions to its service.

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