Managing During COVID19

Handling Uncertain Times With Wellness Platform LEON

By Sarah Mooney, LEON

1. This is such a time of personal introspection for everyone, yet there’s still work to be done. How do you suggest balancing the support of employees’ emotional needs with the need to meet deadlines and goals?

Emotions are spiraling because of uncertainty. It’s important to keep everyone grounded, and let the team know that despite the craziness they’re a valuable asset to the company. This enables employees to transition their mindset and focus on deliverables.

It’s also important to let everyone know that what’s happening is temporary, and although things are shuffling, it’s imperative that they realize the work being done is to put growth on hyper speed for when things return to normal.

2. Remote work can be more challenging for some than for others. How do you set your employees up for success knowing they all handle distance differently?

As always clear communication is key. However, there are other aspects that play a key role in building a foundation for remote success.

There’s no doubt that collaboration is becoming a little difficult. While employees were able to speak face-to-face, that luxury no longer exists. Employers need to find a way to enable collaboration. This can be via video conferencing, or mixing up some fun collaboration to boost everyone’s morale. We’ve started offering online virtual fitness events to brighten everyone’s mood and keep positive mentalities flowing. The benefit here is that we’re getting everyone to move and ultimately start producing endorphins in order to help with productivity. With so many distractions around the house, it becomes difficult to be productive. And in order to keep targets on track, and tasks complete within deadlines, you need a productive set of employees.

3. Unfortunately, many companies are having to face layoffs. How do you keep employees motivated when there is so much uncertainty?

Everyone is shaken by what’s happening. It’s important to gain their trust, that way their anxiety hovering around being laid off can be a distant memory.

It’s important to show your employees that their work is meaningful – of value and importance to the company. That way they start to feel a sense of security.

Be calm. Although always needed, it’s even more important now. Regardless of how a boss may feel, employees need someone to look up to for reassurance. An encouraging employer will remain calm, communicating a clear plan for moving forward.

Collectively, these changes can go a long way to retain employees’ trust, and improve their mentality in the face of a crisis.