2021 Retirement Trends: Predictions for the Changing 401(k) Landscape

For a notoriously slow-moving industry, big changes to the retirement plan market are underway. As we enter 2021, our panelists—401k TV’s Founder & Editor Fred Barstein, Vestwell’s Founder & CEO Aaron Schumm, Mariner Retirement Advisors’ Founder & President David Stofer, and InvestmentNews’ Mary Beth Franklin, CFP—discussed how PEPs, ESGs, and managed accounts are creating opportunity in the 401k space.

  • Managed accounts are high on advisor’s 2021 implementation lists – but getting them right is a different story.
  • The debate on whether PEPs will actually disrupt the industry continues.
  • Ongoing M&A activity can have big implications, so advisors should pay attention.
Learn more by reading 401k Specialist Magazine’s recap of the event below.

Understanding Recordkeeping Technology

While recordkeeping is arguably the backbone of the 401(k) and 403(b) industry, most providers are trying to service modern day needs with mainframe systems. However, because the technology is so complex, many don’t understand how it truly works and why it has such a significant impact on the cost, function, and service of a retirement plan offering. Join our Founder & CEO, Aaron Schumm, and 401K Specialist Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief, John Sullivan, as they discuss the ins and outs of recordkeeping technology.

This session covers:

  • The How. Inner workings of recordkeeping technology.
  • The Who. Industry players and how they’ve evolved over time.
  • The Why. Why should advisors, plan sponsors, and even participants care?
  • The What Now. What could the future of recordkeeping look like and how can that help you and your practice?

Effective Ways to Manage Your Retirement Plan During Uncertain Times

COVID-19 might be causing a meltdown on Wall Street, but it doesn’t have to create a meltdown in your office. You’re likely facing pressure to answer questions (and maybe even make decisions) regarding your company sponsored retirement plan, so it’s imperative to stay informed. This webinar covers common participant challenges during times of uncertainty and how to address them. We also discuss some of the actions plan sponsors can take should they find themselves required to cut plan costs. Read the full debrief here.

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